Gold Medal Popcorn Machine

16 oz Popcorn Machine with Cart

Who doesn't love the smell of freshly popped popcorn?

A popcorn machine is a party favorite. The popcorn machine adds a fun fresh flair to any party! Freshly popped popcorn tastes great and it’s a healthier party treat for your guests. Our popcorn machine keeps your popcorn warm and is the perfect temperature to serve your guests whenever they are ready. Our popcorn machine is easy to operate and is super quiet as not to distract your guests.  

Your guests will LOVE the smell of freshly popped delicious popcorn! Impress your guests today and rent our popular popcorn machine. 

Pre-packaged corn, oil, salt & bags are available for an additional cost. 

To add even more flair and elegance to your popcorn machine, rent a matching cart. The popcorn cart not only offers convenience but it adds a classic touch to the overall look of your popcorn machine.   

A popcorn machine adds the perfect touch to any party! Rent a popcorn machine from Table Top Party Rentals for your next party. 

Popcorn Machine Features:

Takes about 4 minutes to preheat

6 oz. kettle size 

Crystal clear plastic panel with illuminating warmer light for maximum visibility

Tempered glass & heated corn deck.

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Popcorn Cart

Popcorn Machine Cart

Hot Dog Cart

Gold Medal Hot Dog Cart


An outdoor barbeque or cookout just isn’t complete without a delicious all American hot dog.

Serve hot dogs at your next party using our premium quality hot dog machine. Hot dogs are party favorites for adults and children alike. Serve the classic hot dog on a bun with ketchup or with mustard, relish, cheese, and the list of serving options goes on and on. Our hot dog machine prepares the perfect hotdog for your party guests. The hot dog machine uses sterno heat and comes with four compartments; one for hot dogs, one for buns and two for condiments. Our hot dog machine keeps your hot dogs warm and juicy for your party guests. Impress your guests and rent our hot dog machine for your next party. 

Our hot dog machine can prepare up to 35 hotdogs at a time, which makes feeding your party goers simple and easy. Your guests will be happy with the delicious tasting hot dogs from our hot dog machine. Guests will feel like they are at a fun carnival or a local town fair when they see our impressive hot dog machine at your party. 

Our hot dog machine adds flair and elegance to your party as it comes with decorative wheels and an umbrella. The hot dog machine not only offers convenience but it adds a classic touch to your party making it fun for you and your guests to enjoy. 

Gold Medal Snow Cone Machine

Snow Cone Machine

Summer just doesn’t feel complete without an ice cold delicious treat. Did someone say snow cone?! 

You can serve fresh snow cones at your next party with our snow cone machine.

Rent our snow cone machine for your outdoor party. Serve fresh, delicious snow cones and help your guests cool down from the summer heat. Snow cones are a tasty treat and refreshing summer treat. 

Snow cones are sure to please all your guests from little party goers to adults. Rent our snow cone machine for children’s birthday parties. Or how about serving snow cones at your next pool party. Our snow cone machine is easy to use and snow cones are ready in just a few seconds. 

Contact us today to rent our easy to use, fun, refreshing snow cone machine. 

Snow cone machine and Ice chest

Snow Cone Machine & Ice Chest

Additional Concession Machines

Pretzel Warmer

Pretzel Warmer

Plain and gourmet pretzels are available for purchase. 

Pizza pretzels - flavored dough filled with tomato sauce and cheese topped with romano and parmesan cheese. 

Jalapeno-n-Cheese Pretzel - Jalapeno dough with pepper jack cheese filling, topped with monterry jack cheese. 

Our gourmet pretzels comes in quantities of 24. 

Pretzel Oven

Electric Pretzel Oven

Nacho Warmer

Nacho Cheese Warmer

Individual portion cheese warmer.